POLICE have launched an investigation after a Hampshire schoolgirl was viciously attacked by a dog.

Mum Emily Leach has told how terrified daughter Lucie was left with blood streaming from her face when the dog she was stroking sunk its teeth into her cheek.

The tenyear- old from New Milton, who had dreams of being a vet, was taken to the Lymington New Forest Hospital before being transferred to Southampton General where she had 11 stitches in her face.

Emily told the Daily Echo that her daughter was lucky not to be blinded by the “unprovoked” attack, which happened in Cadhay Close.

The mum-of-four, who lives near where the attack happened, was talking to a friend when she heard her daughter scream.

She recalled how she found the youngster curled up on the ground trying to protect her face as the dog’s owners ushered the animal away.

Mrs Leach, 33, said: “I saw my daughter stroking the dog, then next thing I heard this noise and ran to find my daughter lying down.

“I picked my daughter from the floor and blood was gushing from her face, and I took her inside.

“One of the puncture wounds was half an inch below her right eye, and she was lucky not to have been blinded.”

She added that her daughter had asked the owners if the dog - believed by the family to be border collie/german shepherd cross - was safe to stroke before approaching it. Now she wants it put down.

“The owners did not show a huge amount of concern and claimed that the dog had never done anything like that before,” Mrs Leach added.

“I do not want the dog going outside because it can hurt anybody.”

Since the attack the young girl is now anxious around dogs. Hampshire police confirmed they are investigating the attack, which happened at 7.30pm on Friday.