FIREFIGHTERS had to rescue a woman whose hand was being crushed underneath her car.

The victim had been changing a tyre on her vehicle outside her home and had lifted it up using a jack when it dropped and she got her hand trapped.

Firefighters attended the incident, in Lawn Road, Eastleigh, by which time the woman had already been trapped for 10 minutes.

They told how she had been changing the front tyre when the jack dropped slightly trapping her hand between the tyre and wheel of the small hatchback vehicle.

Family members raised the alarm just after 10.15am on Wednesday.

Firefighter Lloyd Barker said it meant essentially the weight of the car was on her hand, which was trapped from bridge of her fingers.

The crew from Eastleigh braced the vehicle to stop it dropping any further and used their hydraulic gear to raise the car up and release the woman.

“She was really calm considering she did crush her hand quite badly,” said Mr Barker.

“You wouldn't have thought anything was wrong, but she was probably in shock.

“I have never had a call to a hand trapped in a car like that - it was quite unlucky the way it happened.”

South Central Ambulance Service sent an ambulance to and said the woman was assessed at the scene and did not require hospital treatment.