THE chairman of Hampshire's Police Federation has spoken out against the culture in the organisation nationally.

John Apter said it was a “sad indictment” on the organisation that its chairman Steve Williams stood down over claims he had bullied.

In tonight's Channel 4 Dispatches programme, officers hit out at the ''self-serving'' and ''toxic'' environment at the Police Federation, as well as extravagant spending by some of its members.

The programme airs at a time of increased turmoil for the organisation, which represents tens of thousands of rank-and-file officers.

Last week, Police Federation chairman Steve Williams announced his intention to step down.

A letter later emerged from Mr Williams to members of the Federation's Joint Central Committee (JCC), in which he complained he had been ''gratuitously and cruelly bullied and humiliated''.

Mr Apter condemned what he called the ''toxic environment created at Leatherhead'' - the headquarters of the organisation.

''What a sad indictment on an organisation that is supposed to be there to protect people from bullying and such action, I think it's a sad indictment of those responsible.

''I don't know the circumstances but those responsible should take a very long hard look in the mirror and consider their positions.''

The Federation came under fire after the Plebgate row and a damning independent review that revealed millions of pounds were held in unaccounted reserves.