CONTROVERSIAL roadworks that have plagued a Hampshire community for seven months have been completed. After weeks of delays caused by floods, Southern Water's mains replacement scheme in Main Road, Colden Common, has finished and the road full reopened. As previously reported, weeks of works to lay new mains earlier this year saw tensions escalate to such an extent that contractors reportedly called in police after being verbally abused by angry members of the public. Businesses at Fisher's Pond, Colden Common, reported a rapid decline in trade, with some claiming to have lost up to 30 per cent of their usual custom. But the works were put on hold during the winter storms to alleviate possible congestion from nearby roads closed by flooding, with work re-starting earlier this month. The result of the scheme is a more reliable supply of tap water for customers in the area. The 1.2km water main, which serves more than 8,000 homes, had burst nine times in five years, each time causing considerable disruption such as a loss of water supply and emergency road closures. Peter Simmons, project manager, said: “I think we can all agree this project was a challenge and I'm delighted it has successfully completed. “I'd like to thank customers, road users and local authorities for their patience and support. The benefits of the work - fewer leaks and bursts and a more reliable supply of tap water - will last long into the future.”