A HAMPSHIRE zoo has welcomed the arrival of a family of tiny Brazilian primates this Easter.

The inquisitive silvery marmosets are set to be a huge hit with visitors to Marwell Zoo, with their distinctive flesh-coloured ears and playful nature.

The new family consists of a mum, dad and four youngsters, including three-month-old twins, joined the zoo’s group of Saki monkeys in the Fur Feathers and Scales exhibit.

In the wild they live in tropical rain forest where they eat fruit and sap from trees.

They are thought to be in similar trouble to other species of Amazonian primates because of the destruction and fragmentation of its forest habitat.

Shelly Parkes, collection manager of mammals, said: “They are incredibly inquisitive explorers and have settled in straight away. They are much smaller than the Saki monkeys, especially the young twins who are approximately 15cm from head to tail.

“These primates are great to watch as they are very active and can been seen jumping from branches. They have claws on their fingers which help them grip the bark of the trees making them excellent climbers.”