THIS British bulldog faced being left in constant pain and unable to walk.

But staff at a Hampshire rescue centre are hoping residents will help get him back on his feet.

Winston came into the Stubbington Ark, but needed costly surgery on his knees after staff discovered he had a painful condition.

Now the shelter in Fareham has launched an appeal for help to fund his surgery and rehabilitation.

The one-year-old British bulldog was brought in by his owner as they worked long hours and did not feel this was fair on the dog.

Handed in last November, he was diagnosed with Cherry Eye, which is a prolapse of the tear glands.

He also had skin problems and an ear infection, but recovered and was ready to be put up for adoption when staff at the Ark, in Ranvilles Lane, noticed he was limping while on a walk.

The vet diagnosed cruciate knee, a common orthopaedic condition typical in British Bulldogs.

Staff at the Ark were worried as an operation to eradicate the condition per leg usually costs more than £3,000.

Luckily, a vet at Downland Vets based in Emsworth had offered to do the surgery at a fraction of the cost.

However, before Winston was due to have his operation, it was discovered he had the same problem in his other leg.

Without the operations, Winston would be left in excruciating pain and eventually be unable to walk and would have to be put down.

So staff at the shelter anxiously waited to see what could be done.

Vanessa Eden, Fundraising Manager at the Ark, said: “Winston is such a loveable dog, who thinks he is still a puppy.

“When we were told about his orthopaedic problems we did not have the means to fund his treatment.”

Fortunately the same vet agreed to perform operations on both legs for £1,000 and Winston underwent the procedure successfully on Wednesday .

After a six to eight week convalescence Winston will be up for rehoming, but the Ark is appealing for the public’s help to cover the cost of his treatment.

BLOB To donate send a donation to: ‘Winston’s Wish’, The Stubbington Ark Animal Shelter, 174-176 Ranvilles Lane, Fareham PO14 3EZ.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘RSPCA Solent Branch’.