A FAMILY has rallied round to show their support for their loved one and raise awareness of her plight.

Relations of Tammie Frake had their hair shaved off as part of a fun day to raise funds for Sila, a charity for sarcoidosis sufferers.

The event at the Saxon Inn pub in Totton also featured a children’s and adults’ darts competition and a raffle.

Tammie’s sister-in-law Vicki Marsh, her daughter Jessica-Jade Cox, 15, and her husband Lee organised the fundraiser, which raised more than £800.

Vicki and Tammie’s sister Shoana Pritchard both had their hair chopped off on the day and Tammie joined them to show her appreciation.

Tammie, 32, was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2004, a condition which attacks healthy organs in the body and led to Tammie having a lung removed.

Though doctors can try to treat the symptoms there is no cure and Tammie is at present on constant oxygen and dozens of tablets.

But at Christmas the mother-of-four, from Somerset, was told that she has 18 months to live.

The family may organise further fundraisers for the charity.

“It’s a charity close to everyone,” said Vicki, 33, of Salisbury Road, Totton.

“If you say to someone my sister-inlaw’s got sarcoidosis they say what’s that – there’s just no awareness out there.

“Any awareness we get of sarcoidosis is one step closer to finding some medication that may help with the treatment – at the moment there’s not enough research.”