CAMPAIGNERS will go head to head with their council today in a bid to stop more than 1,000 new homes being built in Hampshire countryside.

But if they are unsuccessful it is a battle that could end up costing them £10,000.

Botley Parish Action Group (BPAG) is taking its fight to prevent 1,400 homes at Boorley Green back to top judges for the second time in less than six months.

It hopes for a ruling in their favour to allow a review of Eastleigh Borough councillors’ decision to grant the development at Boorley Green, near Botley.

But if it fails the group could face paying the council up to £10,000 in fees.

The group will present its arguments at a hearing in the High Court today in front of Mrs Justice Lang, having failed to secure the judicial review in a previous attempt in writing.

A High Court judge ruled last time in February that the council’s reasons for granting the development were adequate.

In March the group announced that they were making a further appeal, supported by Botley Parish Council.

The self-funding pressure group, whose costs have already run to £10,000, has admitted it would need further funds to cover further hearings. Eastleigh Borough Council said it would be seeking to cover its costs of up to £10,000 if it is successful.