A GANG targeting Hampshire homes in the early hours and stealing high-value property has struck again.

This time the burglars hit homes in Nursling and Rownhams areas and got in by forcing uPVC doors – the same pattern the gang has used each time during break-ins in Romsey and elsewhere in the county.

As reported, during previous break-ins the thieves have even helped themselves to car keys before removing vehicles from driveways and outside homes. The latest break-ins happened in the early hours of Wednesday when a house at Welch Way in Rownhams was targeted.

Another home burgled was in nearby Lucas Close where jewellery was stolen including necklaces, watches, a brooch and other gems worth several thousand pounds.

Police have today renewed warnings to homeowners to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Romsey police’s Sergeant Alyson West said: “At one property where keys were stolen a high-value car was parked on the drive. It is possible the burglars may have been disturbed.

“Similar burglaries are happening in other areas – not just Hampshire. They get in by popping the locks on uPVC doors. It’s very important that people make sure these doors are secure and locked property. People need to be extra vigilant and hide their car keys and other valuables out of the way from where they can easily be seen.”

The latest raids follow two break-ins in the village on April 23 when handbags, clothing, a wallet five jumpers and a laptop were stolen from a home at Balmoral Way.

The property was worth more than £700 and the same day the burglars forced their way into a house at Fyeford Close and took a laptop, driving licence and credit cards.

Last month a top-of-the-range sports car worth £50,000 was stolen from outside a house by the burglars in Romsey and later dumped in Southampton.

The gang is also believed to have been behind house break-ins at Hedge End and Eastleigh earlier this year.