WHILE Britain has been hit by floods this winter, the people of north-east Brazil are suffering a third year of drought.

Cadnam Methodist Church, through its long-standing links with Evangelical Action Brazil, are organising a fund-raising concert and silent auction to help the drought victims.

John and Liz Medcraft, directors of Evangelical Action, have been working there for 45 years, and Liz has lived almost all her life there, being born of missionary parents. Never have they seen such a devastating drought.

With no rain, there are no crops. Farmers are opening their gates and letting their cattle wander free in search of food and water. Many of them drop dead within hours.

Wells and lakes are dry, meaning tankers need to bring water. Some towns have not had piped water for over a year, while the area’s largest town, Patos, with a population of over 100,000, has regular water cuts as levels in their reservoir many miles away drop.

While some have moved away, the poor must sit it out, hoping rain comes quickly. It is these people that John and Liz are helping by providing food parcels, schooling for their children, job creation projects, and well digging.

The concert, entitled “Gateaux and Great Talents”, will be held in Copythorne Parish Hall on May 10 at 7pm.

Lots in the auction will include an aeroplane trip around the Isle of Wight, a photo-shoot and a painting by local artist Peter Willis.

Tickets are priced £10, and can be bought from Hilary on 01794 323279 or email: jene.pelletier@tesco.net.