ALL week we have been shouting about the work the Daily Echo has done to help the community.

And today we are telling you how that work is continuing through a number of active campaigns – just ask Romsey teenager Sam Mangoro.

Since Sam, 16, had a heart attack in a PE lesson at Mountbatten School, Romsey, the Daily Echo has been campaigning for all Hampshire schools to get defibrillators – the item that saved his life.

Four quick-thinking teachers used the recently-purchased equipment to keep his heart beating long enough for the paramedics to arrive.

Sam and family have backed our bid from the beginning.

Sam said: “I fully support the campaign and I’m really glad the Daily Echo took up this cause.

“I’m just hoping it can achieve what I hoped for from the start, to get more defibrillators in as many schools as possible.

“Now I hope local councils and the Government will get involved to support the process and make it something schools have to do.”

Sam and family have launched their own website to raise money for schools who cannot afford the lifesaving technology, inspired by the Echo campaign.

Several Hampshire schools have backed our efforts and bought defibrillators, including The Westgate School in Winchester, Bransgore Primary School in the New Forest and Shakespeare Junior School in Eastleigh, who are having the equipment delivered next week.

The Government is also on board having announced it is working on a plan to make defibrillators cheaper in time for the 2014 autumn term, as are St John Ambulance which is urging schools to go further, training staff and students in CPR skills.

Following heart surgery, Sam is back at school taking his GCSE exams and enjoying life returning to normal.

He added: “It’s quite full-on but I’m not as stressed as I thought I would be and I think I will do alright even though I missed a lot of school.”

To donate to Sam’s fund, visit