THIS is the dramatic moment a Hampshire angler caught a huge shark off the British coast.

Graeme Pullen was fishing for pollock when the whopping 450lb beast took hold of his bait.

It is the second time the 62-year-old has hooked a porbeagle shark.

Saturday’s catch, close to the north Devon coast, took a 30-minute battle to reel in.

The whole drama was captured on camera by The Totally Awesome Fishing Show (TAFishing) crew, and the terrifying footage can be watched below.

TAFishing posted on YouTube on May 20: “Graeme Pullen catches the first big shark of the 2014 season and it was HUGE!”

It added: “The jaws of the shark actually cut the rubbing strip on the boat, but the shark was successfully tagged and released.”

Graeme, from Hook, is a retired businessman who has written numerous fishing books.

He set up TAFishing to upload his fishing articles and pictures.

The porbeagle shark he caught is a member of the same family as the Great White, but is not considered to be a threat to humans.

Graeme said: “I could feel something chewing on the bait and as it moved off I could feel it was a lot heavier than a Pollock.

“I thought it was a tope – a smaller member of the shark family – but as I reeled it closer it grew heavier heavier all the time and after about 40 seconds I realised it was a big shark.”

He added: “It was so big that it was spinning the boat around in circles. When it clearly got tired and it was safe to bring it alongside I brought it in.

“It was an enormous shark and when he swung his head from side to side his jaws opened right up showing his razor sharp teeth.”