GRANT funding has been given a boost by way of three green awards aimed at reducing CO2, cutting energy bills and promoting environmentally friendly products.

Thirty-five businesses in the county have already received European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grants and a further 143 have benefited from travel efficiency plans.

Grants of up £5,000 are now available from the Low Carbon Workspaces fund to install measures such as double glazing, cavity insulation and solar blinds to help reduce energy bills.

Only £2,000 was previously available.

A further £1,000 has been added to the Eco Innovation Grant, meaning that up to £3,000 is also available to businesses looking to market products or services that benefit the environment.

Finally, Sustainable Routes offers a grant of £1,000 to help businesses cut travel.

Project manager Sam Hampton said: “We’re delighted that we’re now able to offer local businesses extra funding to promote sustainability.

“The take-up has been really positive so far with 35 local businesses receiving grants but there are plenty more still available so we are urging other businesses to come forward to see if they are eligible.”

The ERDF funding is available via grants provider Ngage Solutions until December 2015.

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