A Southampton mum of three duped authorities into paying her about £23,000 in false claims for benefits.

Roxanne Munday, 26, filled in applications for income support, housing and council tax benefits without disclosing she had a partner who lived with her.

The city crown court heard she got away with the scam for more than three years before she was found out.

Munday, of Tatwin Crescent, admitted three benefit fraud charges.

Prosecutor Ed Elton alleged the claims were fraudulent from the outset but Nicola Attwood, defending, said Munday’s partner was not living there all the time.

“She accepts full responsibility but he was coming and going. She has shown genuine remorse, and he was fully aware she was making these false claims.”

Munday received a 12-month suspended sentence with a 120-hour community work order and told she must pay a £100 victim surcharge fee.

Recorder Paul Garlick QC said he accepted Munday had three young children, had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and was repaying the cash.