SHE HAS become the fairy godmother of a Southampton care home.

Holmhurst Care Home support worker Anna Brown has made it her job to grant residents’ wishes.

And Joy Bateup was the first to have her wish come true.

For the past year the 66-year-old has constantly told Anna how she would love to buy an ice cream from the ice cream man again.

So Anna called for an ice cream van to visit the care home and serve the residents.

The idea came when Anna started working as a dignity champion, which means she makes sure everyone is treated with dignity at the care home.

Now she is waiting for a wishing well to be made and asked everyone at Holmhurst to start writing down their wishes to put inside to start making them come true.

She said: “The aim is to fulfil at least one wish for everyone. Joy was my first wish to grant and she doesn’t get to go out a lot so this was a lovely thing to do for her. I’ve really enjoyed this – I’ll have to come into work with a tutu on next time.”