POLICE have launched a new tool to help reunite victims of crime with their stolen possessions.

Officers have set up a photosharing site online in a bid to give those who have been burgled or robbed a chance to reclaim their items.

It is hoped that the more recovered items given back to their owners, the more information police can gather from victims, which could be used as evidence to build up a case against those responsible.

Initially the Is it yours? site will be trialled in the Western policing area covering Southampton, Eastleigh, Romsey and the New Forest and will be used only to show a photo of stolen property recovered by police.

Only highly identifiable property will be posted on the flickr page and some information will be withheld so that it can be used to prove someone is the real owner of a piece of property if they claim it is theirs.

If the trial proves successful the site will be extended to cover the rest of the county.

Police Staff Investigator Helen Mills based at Southampton Central police station, is a specialist in tracing stolen property and finding its rightful owners.

She said: “Returning stolen property to its owner not only provides great victim satisfaction it assists officers with evidence to charge offenders.

By reaching a larger audience with this site we hope to return even more sentimental and valuable items across a wider area than ever before.

“There is nothing more rewarding than returning an item of property that means the world to someone by asking them ‘Is this yours?’.”

To view stolen items not yet reclaimed visit https://www.flickr.com/photo s/hampshireconstabulary