ENVIRONMENT Agency officials are warning people about the hidden dangers of swimming in rivers.

They say rivers are a focal point for a lot of people in the summer but there are hazards.

Russell Robson, from the Environment Agency, said: “We often see youngsters jumping off bridges and swimming along many of the rivers in the south-east and while this can be great fun there are hidden dangers in the water that could cause them to get into difficulties.

We are urging parents to supervise their children closely in and around water and to make sure they do not enter the water alone.”

He warned people not to jump or dive into rivers because the depth of water can vary and there might be unseen hazards. River water can also be very cold even if it is hot and sunny.

“Those going into cold water can get cramps and experience breathing difficulties very quickly,” added Mr Robson, emphasising that parents and guardians should teach their children to swim before allowing them near rivers and lakes.