A group of aggressive New Forest donkeys targeted another victim this weekend, just days after chasing and attacking a Hampshire nurse.

This time a young girl was viciously bitten by one of the animals at Hatchet Pond near Beaulieu.

The latest attack came less than an hour after the Daily Echo visited the beauty spot to investigate and film the creatures with tourists.

Two donkeys were pestering a man for food when one bit the girl as she was running past.

Bystander John Bayliss said: “She was screaming 'daddy he bit me'.”

The youngster - believed to be aged 12 - was not seriously hurt.

Daily Echo:


As previously reported Jenny Caine and her five-year-old daughter were surrounded by five donkeys while taking bread to feed to the ducks there.

Miss Caine, 38, of New Milton, was bitten on the back and knocked to the ground causing her to drop her daughter Isabelle.

She eventually ran away after throwing the bread in the other direction.

It has caused a fierce debate on how people should conduct themselves around animals and calls for tourists to stop feeding them.