SOUTHAMPTON mum says a neighbour from hell forced her and her young son out of their home.

Marie-Claire Prettyman said she had to move for her eight-year-old son’s safety after her neighbour’s late-night parties and endless noise made her life a misery.

She said that since her neighbour moved into the flat below in Woolston in February, there have been constant parties where fights have broken out.

One visitor was even pictured by neighbours defecating in the back garden.

Last night the landlord of the privately- owned property in Hazeleigh Avenue said that the tenant was due to be evicted today – but he refused to comment further.

Pilates teacher Marie-Claire, 34, said the problems from the flat have driven her and son Dylan to the end of their tether.

She said: “Usually every night at 4am somebody turns up banging on the doors to be let in. Then more people turn up in taxis, then loud music is played, then the fights start.

“They are making my life hell. I cannot live in my own home with my son. It is just not right. I should be able to look after him and provide a nice home for him.”

Daily Echo: Marie-Claire Pettyman with son Dylan and dog Busby.

Marie-Claire added that while she has moved out of the flat and is staying with friends and family, her son is spending more time with his dad.

“Dylan likes his home and his bedroom. He said, ‘Why can’t I spend more time with you, Mummy? Why can’t I see you? And I had to say to him, ‘the neighbours are not very nice’.

“It was hell. The violence was just horrible and you never knew when something would kick off.

“I just had to keep my son safe and we had to get out.”

She added that she has tried to talk to the neighbour, but says each time she was ignored and “verbally abused”.

Hampshire police said they have received five reports of antisocial behaviour, including noise complaints and domestic incidents, at the address since March 31.

A spokesman said a 32-year-old woman was arrested in connection with one of these, but she was released without charge.

The Daily Echo spoke to the woman living at the address at the centre of the complaints.

Daily Echo: The woman known as 'Moira' and her dog Freddie.

She only gave her name as “Moira”, but said that she was the victim and the anti-social behaviour was not connected with her.

She blamed visitors to her flat for the disturbance.

She said: “I am going to be homeless. It is terrible. I do not know what to do.

“I just sit here minding my own business and I don’t make much noise.”