A MUM from Southampton is set to benefit from a specially-adapted new extension to her house - which was added on to her property in just one hour.

In a first for Hampshire, a 60-tonne crane lifted a modular adaptation pod (MAP) over rooftops in Oldbury Court, and placed it next to Heather Seaton's house.

Daily Echo:

The 48-year-old suffers from Huntington's Disease, a debilitating illness that can lead to difficulty speaking and swallowing and a number of other problems.

Until now she has had to use the family living room as a bedroom and bathroom, but the new MAP will now contain all the facilities she needs.

The MAP was built in West Yorkshire and driven down to Southampton overnight, before being hoisted into the right position by the crane.

The pods are designed to help chronically ill and disabled people by allowing them to live independently.

City council cabinet member for housing and sustainability Warwick Payne said: “We're always looking to get the best value for our tenants and MAPs could present a good way of doing that.

“Also, very importantly, it provides another way to help residents to stay in their homes for longer, with significantly less disruption to the family than a traditional extension, so we're providing better value for money and a better service all in one go.”The MAP fitted at Ms Seaton's house is a pilot project, but the council will look at fitting them elsewhere if the project is successful.

Daily Echo: