A HERO teenager has received a bravery award after preventing a woman from jumping in front of a train at a Hampshire railway station.

Jack Corbett put his own life at risk by standing between the woman and the edge of the platform as the drama unfolded in Southampton.

Now British Transport Police have presented the 17-year-old with a commendation for saving her life.

Jack, who wants to join the army, said: “She was standing over the yellow safety line, with her head in her hands. I approached her along with someone else and asked her if she needed any help.

“She started to scream and shout and asked to be left alone to jump.

“That’s when I grabbed her and put myself between her and the platform edge and moved her away.”

Jack, who was just 16 at the time, received his commendation from British Transport Police divisional commander Chief Superintendent Paul Brogden at a ceremony in London.

The citation says: “For his bravery when, without fear for his own safety, he went to the aid of a suicidal female.

“By positioning himself between the female and the platform edge, he managed to usher her to safety.”

Jack’s mother Barbara told the Daily Echo: “The whole family are incredibly proud of him.

“I don’t think there was a train coming at the time but the police looked at the woman’s case history after the incident and said she would definitely have jumped.

“Although they couldn’t tell us who she was they said she was somewhere safe and responding well to treatment.

“Jack’s very humble about the whole thing and says he just wanted to help someone in trouble. We discuss it from time to time but he very rarely instigates the conversation.”

Jack, a pupil at King’s Bruton School in Somerset, was on his way home to Hordle in the New Forest.

He was waiting to change trains at Southampton Central station when he saw the woman acting strangely and leapt into action.

His mum added: “Jack called me shortly afterwards and said that if the police phoned he wasn’t in any trouble. I imagined the worst and wanted to know what he had done.

“When he told me I was stunned – he seemed so calm on the phone.”