IT’S a time capsule which one day will reveal the 100-year history of one of the oldest Cub packs in Hampshire.

Southampton’s 14th Highfield Group were trailblazers in introducing Wolf Cubs to the worldwide Scouting movement.

Pictures and stories, along with an old blanket dating back to the 60s, will be part of the fascinating array of memorabilia which future Scouting generations will one day uncover.

Daily Echo:

The time capsule will be buried during a ceremony at the 14th Cub Scouts’ Centenary Summer Fete on Sunday, July 6.

And the search is still on as leaders continue to dig into the pack’s proud past.

Akela Robert Wayman said: “We’ve asked past and present Cubs to tell us about their memories about Cubs along with anything people would like to contribute.

Daily Echo:

“We’ve had a uniform, an old blanket from 1969, and newspaper cuttings of old stories.

“We are still looking for contributions and asking people to bring them along on the day.”

As part of a fascinating archive of local Scouting history, the pack has also compiled a book of memories from past and present Cubs.

Local dignitaries and neighbours have been invited, along with past, present and future members of the Cub pack, to the fete which takes place at its Brookvale Road headquarters between midday and 4pm.

Daily Echo:

Throughout the year the pack, which still has its original flag, has been taking part in activities focused around the history of Cub Scouting.

The time capsule ceremony is part of a series of celebrations marking the pack’s milestone. The Cubs have also created a giant jigsaw portrait of the Scouting movement’s founder Robert Baden- Powell.

There was a Wolf Cub pack at Highfield two years before Baden-Powell introduced them across the Scouting movement.

It was in 1913 that he published a first draft of a scheme for Junior Scouts, and Cub Scouting was officially launched in 1916.

Records have revealed that the 14th Highfield Wolf Cub pack started an experimental section on January 30, 1914.