A SOUTHAMPTON woman is devastated after her beloved pet parrot flew away.

Claire Tydemen’s 12- year-old Hahn’s Macaw called Georgie became spooked and flew away when it was sitting on her shoulder outside her home in Bitterne Park.

The 45-year-old from Dimond Road has had Georgie for two years. She was given him by one of her customers of her mobile pet food business.

Georgie is distinctive as he can roar like a lion and has a distinctive squawk.

Daily Echo:

He is about 30cm, green with red tips to his wings.

He flew away on Tuesday morning after becoming spooked by something according to Miss Tydeman, who believes that he can’t have gone far.

She said: “He was just sitting on my shoulder as I went out of the front door and something must have frightened him and he flew off. I am distraught I have always wanted to have a parrot and when I had the opportunity to rehome him it was a dream come true for me.”

“He is not used to flying and I don’t think he could have gone far.”

n Claire has issued a plea for anyone living in the area to find her beloved bird and if anyone has seen him they should call her on 07941 626509.