TAKING a holiday together or quitting social media are the best ways to save a relationship, a Southampton study has found.

Researchers found it often takes much more than a hug and a kiss to patch up a partnership after a nasty bust-up and statistics showed that people in Southampton were most likely to take a holiday to try to save their relationship.

The Irwin Mitchell survey also found that 31 per cent of people in the city believe spending more time with each other is crucial to staying together and that a quarter of people would turn to their best friend first for advice.

Jane Longworth, a specialist family and divorce lawyer at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors in Southampton, said: ‘’Most relationships will go through a rocky period at some stage, and it seems the way you deal with things during that time can be the difference between patching things up or splitting permanently.

“Couples should think long and hard before giving up on a marriage. It can have long term financial and emotional consequences for both themselves and any children involved.”