IT was the song chosen by quadruple amputee Alex Lewis to end a fundraising fete and music festival in his honour.

And Nobody Does It Better, the theme song from James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, could not have been more fitting.

Hundreds of people descended on Stockbridge to raise hundreds of pounds as a sign of their support for the 34-year-old dad who became an amputee when a simple cold turned into a flesh-eating bug.

People of all ages from across the county, including comedian Jim Davidson and hairdresser to the stars Guy Kremer, enjoyed all the fun of the fete organised by Stockbridge Football Club before the amps were turned up for The Bridge Music Festival and the village transformed into a mini Glastonbury.

Despite taking place just two days after Alex lost his fourth limb in an emergency amputation when medics discovered the vicious GroupAstreptococcus had infected his bone irreparably, the brave dad came from his hospital bed for just two hours to thank everyone in person.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the field when three-year-old Sam spotted his father, who he calls his Power Ranger, and shouted “Daddy!” from the crowd as Alex took to the stage.

Overwhelmed at the support, Alex, who had to be plugged into a power supply for the vital hospital equipment to drain fluids from his recovering body, clapped with his left stump and heavily bandaged right arm fresh from the operation to show his appreciation at the volunteers, bands and public support for the Al Lewis Trust.

He said: “This is just incredible.

It means so much to me after what I’ve gone through. Without your support I don’t think I’d be here right now so thank you.”

Alex also paid tribute to his partner.

He said: “Out of this whole seven-and-a-half month struggle there is one person that has got me through the lot, through the days I have been up and the days I have been really down. She’s kept me through it. Lucy Townsend without your love and support I couldn’t be here today. Thank you darling, I love you.”

A spectacular fireworks display lit up the sky before band Break Cover took to the stage ahead of the surprise last song.

Sheriden Sleap, who organised the event with a team of volunteers, said: “We are still counting up how much was raised but there was more than £1,000 in the buckets in notes. It was a truly excellent day. We were all blown away, amazed and humbled that Alex made it.”