HOMES in a Hampshire market town lost their Internet connections during a nationwide fault with British Telecom’s broadband services.

Romsey’s town centre manager Mark Edgerley was one of those affected by the problem on Saturday.

Mr Edgerley experienced severe difficulties with his own service and others in the town were plagued with problems. “There were broadband issues certainly where I live at Whitenap. Problems ran from early on Saturday through to early evening. I use Twitter to promote activities to promote activities/events in the town and normally send several messages in the morning and was unable to do so,” said Mr Edgerley, who praised BT’s handling of the situation.

A BT spokesman confirmed there was what he described as an “issue” with broadband services in the Romsey area for a short time on Saturday morning and this was “quickly fixed”.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused,” said the spokesman.