A CHILD suffered head injuries after falling while in the care of an adult who had drunk one and a half bottles of wine, a court heard.

Southampton magistrates heard how paramedics were called to treat the young child, who had suffered a bad cut to the back of the head after falling with an adult who had been holding it.

The court heard how they believed that Natasha Smyth, who was caring for the child, had been drinking.

When the police arrived they confirmed she was ‘in drink’, a court was told.

Meanwhile the child, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was taken to hospital to have a cut stitched up.

The youngster was also found to have a  bruise under its chin.

When interviewed Smyth admitted she had drunk about one and a half bottles, or five glasses, of wine in a pub before she collected the child.

The court heard how she explained to police how she had been carrying the child in one hand because it was wearing slippers while it was heavily raining. Smyth said she had bags in the other hand.

She said she then stumbled and fell with the child while stepping over a puddle – but denied being drunk.

Realising the child was injured, an ambulance was called.

Smyth, 43, of Heather Road, Fawley, later pleaded guilty in Southampton Magistrates’ Court to being found drunk in a public place with a child under the age of seven.

David Adams, defending, said: “It was a horrible injury and something Miss Smyth feels huge remorse about.”

Mr Adams said since the accident she had been seeking counselling for her drinking which he said stemmed from domestic violence she suffered earlier in her life.

He said: “This is a lady with a drink problem who has accidentally fallen by trying to do too much in difficult weather conditions.

“She accepts responsibility for what she has done and knows to a point she has a problem.”

Mr Adams said the child had received no long-standing effects following the head injury.

Magistrates gave Smyth a conditional discharge and ordered her to pay £40 costs.