THE University of Southampton is installing potentially life-saving equipment across its campuses.

Ten portable defibrillators will be placed at key locations around the Highfield, Avenue and new Boldrewood campuses, as well as at Winchester School of Art.

It comes after the Daily Echo launched the Save a Life in Schools campaign, urging all Hampshire schools to purchase the vital technology, after 16- year-old Sam Mangoro’s life was saved by a defibrillator when he collapsed during a PE lesson at Mountbatten School in Romsey.

Prof Charles Deakin, of the university, has recently carried out a study highlighting the need for greater public access to defibrillators in Hampshire.

He said: “Sudden cardiac arrest can happen unexpectedly to anyone and the use of a public access defibrillator greatly increases the chances of survival if available in the seconds before an ambulance arrives. They are very straightforward and safe to use and involve no more than applying sticky pads to the patient’s chest and pressing the ‘start’ button.”

Dr Andrew J White, head of safety and occupational health at the university, said: “These defibrillators could save the life of a student, a member of staff or a visitor. They monitor the casualty’s heart and only administer shocks when necessary.

This is welcome additional protection for everyone’s health and welfare.”

One of the defibrillators will be positioned at the bus interchange on Highfield Campus and when buildings are closed emergency services will direct anyone in need to this machine, which is stored at a controlled temperature with hardwired lighting to make it easier for the public to use. All devices will use audio instructions to guide people through the process, and university first aiders will be given training to use the defibrillators.