A THREE-year-old girl who was found wandering alone on a Southampton street was rescued by one of the city council’s top bosses.

Eagle-eyed Cabinet member Jacqui Rayment was driving when she spotted the youngster walking along Midanbury Lane and pulled over.

Cllr Rayment told the Daily Echo how she had her own daughter and grandchild in the car when she saw the child without a parent or carer with her.

She said: “I just saw her there and she looked like quite a young child who should have someone with her so I pulled over.

“She appeared to be fine and was happy to speak to us. She told us that she was three and had got out of her house and that her mummy was sleeping.”

Cllr Rayment, who holds the portfolio for environment and transport, said a quick search of the area revealed no clue as to where she lived, so she called the police.

Almost as soon as officers arrived to the scene just after 1pm on Monday, the mother of the child also arrived.

Playing down her role in the safe return of the youngster, Cllr Rayment added: “It was a bid of an adventure for her I think as she apparently managed to get out of the house herself and wander off.

“She was absolutely fine and I just left the police to sort it all out once her mum had arrived.”

Hampshire police confirmed that the child was safely returned to her mother and praised the actions of Cllr Rayment in stopping to help.

A spokesman said: “We were called to Midanbury Lane after a young girl was found at lunchtime on Monday.

“Those who found her had knocked on some doors and failed to find the parents but almost as soon as officers arrived so did the mother, who had been searching herself for her child after realising she was missing.

“Apparently the youngster managed to get out of the house, which was a short distance away from where she was found, by opening the front door.

“Some advice was given to the young girl’s mother, but no further action was taken.”