A HAMPSHIRE star is one of a host of celebrities who has spoken out against Scottish independence as part of a major “lovebombing” campaign.

Fiona Phillips joined other famous faces for the Let's Stay Together drive which has been launched ahead of the referendum in September.

It is hoped that the show of love to the Scots will persuade them to vote against independence.

The former GMTV star, who grew up in Southampton and whose husband is Scottish, said: “We are a family, a wonderful, mixed family. We are a dysfunctional family at times but aren't we all.

“If independence does happen I think then we are going to realise we were much better off together.

“It's like a partnership that ends and you think 'oh no, I really miss them, we could have made it work' and I think that's what we will end up thinking if independence does happen.”

Other celebrities joining the line-p include One Foot In the Grave star Richard Wilson, comedian Eddie Izzard and Mr Showbiz himself, John Barrowman.