BATTEN down the hatches – a storm is approaching.

After the sweltering temperatures of yesterday, weather experts have now warned people to prepare for torrential rain, thunder storms, hail and possible flooding today after upgrading a severe weather warning.

The Met Office has increased its alert from yellow to amber with heavy rainfall expected across much of the region.

It comes as the organisation and health chiefs warned people to take precautions yesterday as a heatwave gripped the county.

Sun-seekers made the most of the sunshine and rising temperatures by visiting parks, beaches, and outdoor attractions across the county.

There were also spectacular scenes in the early hours of Friday morning as fork lighting lit up the skies across Hampshire.

But the Met Office predicts significant flooding, thunderstorms, torrential downpours, frequent lightening, large hail and locally strong gusts of wind throughout the day.

The amber warning is likely to be downgraded on Sunday but further thundery showers are expected.

The Met Office’s chief forecaster said warm and humid airmass was set to become increasingly unstable today.

They added: “This will lead to the development of areas of intense thunderstorms, these moving northwards across the UK and affecting different areas at various times through the day.

“In this situation, large amounts of energy are available in the atmosphere and this, coupled with high moisture content, can lead to torrential downpours along with frequent lightning activity, large hail and locally strong gusts. As is usually the case with thunderstorms, broad areas can be identified as at risk some time in advance but detail will remain very uncertain until very close to the event.

“Some areas will miss the worst of the storms whilst nearby spots experience severe downpours with some localised flooding.”



  • Today will be hot, humid and cloudy with heavy thunderstorms and possible thundery rain or hail forecast.
  • There could be frequent lightning and gusty winds.
  • The Met Office has issued an amber warning with potential flooding in some areas.
  • Stormy conditions are set to subside tomorrow but there is a risk of thundery rain and showers.
  • It will be warm and humid throughout the day.
  • Conditions will be more settled on Monday and Tuesday with sunny spells and only isolated showers.