Her fairytale dream of becoming an author has come true.

At just six years old Ellila-Jean Wood is behind the published garden adventure story of a girl and her extremely fluffy dog.

Her wild imagination has been taking her to a magical playhouse at the bottom of her garden with Cubby the chow chow.

And when Ellila’s parents saw their daughter had been drawing sketches of her “adventures” and writing a story they wanted to do something special.

After adopting Cubby from a rescue shelter last year, the family from Dibden Purlieu have become extremely attached to their new addition and Ellila takes her everywhere.

So Kirsty and James Wood, both 28, who own a plumbing company, decided to find a way to publish their daughter’s illustrations and help her write Cubby and Me: The Lost Teddy.

The interactive story takes the Orchard Infants School pupil and her dog into the playhouse and transports them to a fairground where they have to find the owner of a lost teddy bear, with clues along the way for readers to help solve the mystery.

Kirsty said: “She is so excited and proud of the book, I think she feels like a bit of a celebrity. We just thought it was such a lovely thing to do. It started out as just getting it published for her as a memory but then we decided to go for it and we have sold more than 15 copies.

“We have quite a strong sense of community in the New Forest and when people order a book Ellila likes to sign the front page and deliver it by hand, we are so proud of her. She has always had the most incredible imagination and I think as she gets older it’s only going to get better.

“We have actually just become foster parents as well and are expecting our first child in the next few weeks so we thought this would be a lovely way to introduce our family.

“Ellila absolutely adores Cubby and having been an only child I think they have developed a really special bond. I’m not sure if she will always want to be an author, at the moment she says she would like to help people but she is already making new illustrations so it could become a series.”