HE feared his terminal illness would stop him going to his beloved event. 

But Derrick Cozens’ wish was granted when nurses gave a helping hand to get him and his wife Audrey to the annual Curdridge Show on Saturday. 

The 76-year-old cancer patient has been at Countess Mountbatten House, in West End, for three weeks, and staff made sure his special day could happen, including covering the cost of a private ambulance to take him there. 

Alongside his wife Audrey, 74, and surrounded by family and friends, the grandfather-of-six said: “It’s only once a year. It means a lot to me.” 

The couple, from Boorley Green, near Botley, have been going to the show for over two decades, and Derrick, a former market gardener, has won awards for his wines. 

This year Audrey and a friend entered them into the Horticultural Show on his behalf, winning two second and two third places.

Audrey thanked everyone who had been involved in making the day happen, particularly the hospice and nurse Helen Langhorn.