EXCESSIVE noise from passing cars could soon be a thing of the past thanks to resurfacing work on a section of the M27 in Hampshire.

The Highways Agency has confirmed it is to act and work should start in two years’ time on a stretch between junctions 5 and 7.

Workers will use specialist noise reducing materials.

The work, originally scheduled for 2017, has been brought forward.

The issue was taken up by Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton, who fought for the measure and welcomed the news.

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Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton.

He said Government noise maps showed that Eastleigh borough was among the worst affected areas where volume was hitting 75 decibels.

The worst noise hotspots, he said, are around West End on the M27, and a stretch of the M3 that separates Chandler’s Ford and Allbrook. A Highways Agency spokesman said the move was made possible through additional funds from Government.

He said: “As part of the Government’s commitment to investing in our infrastructure, we will be resurfacing 80 per cent of our motorways and major A roads by 2021.

“We will resurface the M27 between junctions 5 and 7 in two years’ time as a planned maintenance scheme.”

Mr Thornton said: “One of my main priorities since becoming an MP has been to get action on motorway noise.

“It’s a problem that blights thousands of my constituents who live near the M27 and M3, and is potentially very damaging to their health.”

Although pleased the Highways Agency were acting on concerns, he said more could yet be done.

Mr Thornton said he would like to see more of the M27 resurfaced and that areas of the M3 also needed work.

“The Highways Agency has now agreed to re-investigate further noise mitigation at key points along both motorways.”