A HAMPSHIRE animal welfare charity has been giving out dog food ice lollies in order to keep the pets cool.

The Blue Cross rehoming centre in West End has had to take precautions to keep animals cool because of the hot weather.

The animals have been cooling off by splashing about in paddling pools or even getting hosed down.

Dogs have also been getting frozen treats, such as food frozen in ice blocks - the dog version of an ice lolly.

Lara Alford, rehoming centre manager at the Blue Cross, said: “We're all enjoying the sunshine here at the centre, but we're also busy making sure all the pets can keep nice and cool. The dogs are really enjoying the paddling pool and the hose, as well as some nice icy treats to eat.”

“Our pets can get heatstroke and sunburn just like us, so it's really important to take precautions to make sure they stay safe in the sun. And of course, never, ever leave your dog in a hot car. Even in the shade with the windows open, they can get dangerously overheated in just a few minutes.”