A HAMPSHIRE kitten has developed an unusually patriotic fur coat.

Owners of the appropriately named Jack believe his fur looks like the markings of a Union flag.

They watched in amazement as his fur has developed in recent weeks and become more distinctive as he has grown.

Daily Echo:

Jack's distinctive Union flag style markings.

But the Southampton family are at a loss as to why the cat is so different from his more regularly furred siblings.

Black and grey tabby cat Jack is one of six kittens born to Claire Sutton’s cat Tawny, aged five.

Claire, of Lordshill, who has two cats Tawny and Thomas, plans to sell the kittens, which are six weeks old.

She has been left bemused as to where the cat got its peculiar markings, as she says the mother is a tortoiseshell and the father is a tabby.

Although two of the other kittens are tabby coloured, they do not have the same patriotic markings.

Mum-of-four and grandmother-of-one Claire lives with husband Shawn, 43, and two of her children Jasmine, 16, and Leland, seven.

Daily Echo:

Jasmine and Leland with Jack.

As the kittens grew she said the markings had become more obvious.

“There’s a huge cross through the middle and at the top and bottom there are stripes – it’s madness,” said Claire, 40.

“It has been changing for the last two weeks – when they’re really tiny you can’t really notice. At first I thought it was like the George Cross, but then it started to get the markings diagonally at the bottom.”

She has shared images of the cat on social networking sites.

“It was amusing, I was dumbfounded – I couldn’t imagine why it’s got such markings on it,” she said.