ONE of the 30 diners struck down by an outbreak of salmonella after eating at the same Hampshire restaurant has described his “two weeks of hell” battling the infection.

George Williams, 20, became so unwell he ended up in hospital where doctors feared he might have Crohn’s Disease, a chronic bowel condition.

However medics finally diagnosed salmonella after further tests.

George has been suffering with vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps for the past fortnight.

He is one of 30 people, including a three-year-old child, struck down by food poisoning after eating at The Real China in Eastleigh.

Daily Echo: CLOSED: Health officials are working with the owners so necessary improvements are made in order for the restaurant to reopen

The Real China restaurant in Eastleigh which is closed while health officials probe a salmonella outbreak.

The town centre restaurant, the only Hampshire branch of the chain’s more than 20 UK restaurants, has closed voluntarily while the environmental health team at Eastleigh Borough Council investigates, as revealed by the Daily Echo on Saturday.

The venue remains shut until the council and Public Health England pin down the source of the outbreak and are satisfied there is no longer a health risk.

The council has traced the outbreak to July 11 when George, who works in telesales in Romsey, dined at the restaurant with friends.

He first became unwell two days later and has been unable to retain any food in his body for long.

At first he put it down to stress, but then doctors suspected it might be food poisoning and conducted further tests.

Eventually they referred him to Southampton General Hospital where doctors confirmed on Friday it was salmonella.

He was kept in overnight in an isolated room and put on a drip to rehydrate him.

Daily Echo:

George Williams back at home in North Baddesley.

“It’s just been hell,” said George, of Linden Walk, North Baddesley.

“It’s definitely the worst illness I have ever had. I have missed out on so much sleep, I have got no energy at all.

“Even though I have got an appetite I can’t eat.

“It’s just scary – how long am I going to feel like this for?”

Eastleigh Borough Council is appealing for anyone who has eaten there and is suffering from symptoms of food poisoning, which includes diarrhoea, stomach cramps and sometimes vomiting and fever, to ring 023 8068 8329.

Despite repeated attempts by the Daily Echo to contact the company, it has not responded to requests for a comment.