FOR some they’re the purrfect pet to have crossing your path.

But for others the poor black cat brings bad luck, a bad atmosphere and perhaps more crucially, bad selfies.

Historically the unfortunate felines have faced discrimination, with many people believing they are involved in witchcraft and take trial and tribulation with them wherever they go.

Daily Echo:

Blue Cross worker Kirsty Smith takes a selfie with Lady the cat

But now the RSPCA has suggested that a new generation are biased against the poor pets for a much more superficial reason – they don’t look as good in selfies.

However, the Blue Cross animal rehoming centre in West End is on a mission to change all that and prove beauty is more than fur deep with the launch of their black cat selfie campaign.

Currently black-coloured moggies account for 22 per cent of the 76 cats being cared for at the shelter in Bubb Lane.

Staff will be showcasing the photogenic side of their cats online in the hope that the myth of a bad selfie can be dispelled.

Animal welfare assistant Kirsty Smith said: “People think they all look the same and sometimes you get people who are scared of them.

“Some people can be strange in the reasons they give for bringing them in.

“In our eyes they are all beautiful.”

Kirsty posed for a selfie with Lady, who is hoping someone will look past the colour of her fur and give her a loving home.

The four-year-old cat arrived at the rehoming centre in West End in May and has been there for 60 days, nearly double the 30-day average.

Staff say she is a lovely pet, and cannot understand why she has not yet found a home.

Anyone who would like to offer a home to Lady or another cat can call 0300 777 1530.

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