CHERYL Robinson was a lonely singlemum looking for love when she placed an advert in the Daily Echo’s first ever Heartline page in June 1992.

Although hopeful she would find her soul-mate, she never imagined she would meet the man she hopes to spend the rest of her life with.

But, that’s exactly what happened when Keith, now 62, spotted her ad and replied.

Now the happy pair, from Hollybrook in Southampton, have been married for more than 20 years and have a daughter together, Sophie.

“Sophie is the product of us meeting through the Echo,” says Keith.

“When Cheryl and I met, it was very important that I got on with her daughter, Sarah. I was lucky we got on like a house on fire.

"We just sort of fitted together, as a family, straight away.”

Cheryl, 57, had been on her own since having her elder daughter, Sarah, and the lonely hearts’ advert was the first one she had written. She received a few letters in response to it, but Keith’s was the only one she replied to.

Daily Echo:

Keith and Cheryl pictured with their daughters 20 years ago

“I just liked the sound of him,” she explains.

“His letter stood out and when we met, there was a spark. We got on really well. And all of his family made me feel very, very welcome. I felt like I was a part of them from the beginning.

“His parents have since passed away, and my mum died just before Christmas. They are all missed dreadfully.”

The couple were engaged within six months of meeting, married on October 16 1993 at Isaac Watts Memorial Church in Winchester Road, and Sophie was born a few months later.

“We’ve never argued,” says Cheryl.

“We’ve had our disagreements – but we’ve never really argued.”

The past few years have not been easy for the Robinsons. Cheryl’s health has deteriorated and Keith has had to become her full-time carer, meaning he is now semi-retired.

Despite this, the couple have not let this effect their outlook, and the photographs dotted around the room, and on the walls, show that their families are everything to them.

“We are so proud of our girls,” Cheryl adds. “Sophie is at university in Oxford and Sarah works with vulnerable adults.”

So what are the couple’s tips for a long and happy marriage?

Cheryl replies: “Be honest with each other, and always talk everything through.”