STUDENTS move an average of nearly 90 miles to study at university or college in the south-east, according to new research.

A study done by TV Licensing revealed that 62 per cent of those studying in the south-east, including Hampshire, chose to move there as they wanted to live in a different town or city.

It comes just weeks away from when freshers start at universities across the county, and TV Licensing, along with students' unions across the county, are urging students to get all their essentials, including a TV licence.

David Mendoza-Wolfson, University of Southampton Students’ Union president, said: “Many first year students will be moving out of home for the first time, starting a new adventure at university. Some will be moving many miles from home, others just around the corner.

“Regardless of where they’ve chosen to study, and their reasons for doing so, new students need to make sure they’re licensed if they are going to watch live TV while away at university.”