A DOG has been given one final chance to behave or face being put down.

American Bulldog Alfie sunk its teeth into a man’s hand on a Southampton building site which left him unable to work for a month.

Now Alfie’s owner, Peter Lyons has been told his pet pooch faces destruction unless he keeps him in check.

Lyons appeared at Southampton Magistrates’ Court to answer charges of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

Lyons admitted the charges.

The court heard how Mr Lyons was in his caravan on a site off Third Avenue in Millbrook, when the attack happened.

He had left three-year-old Alfie in the car on the passenger side with the door open and had gone into his caravan to drink some coffee, before returning to Gloucestershire where he lives.

Lyons heard Mr Edwin Wannell, 20, from Shirley shout out in pain as he passed the vehicle, and he quickly ran to the car and saw that he had a bite mark to his hand and saw Alfie have his paws on the man’s chest. He offered him first-aid treatment and apologised for what had happened and accepted that his dog had bitten Mr Wannell.

The 44-year-old grounds worker was handed restrictions in the Contingency Destruction Order and ordered to pay fines totalling £805 which included £600 compensation, a £120 fine, and £85 court costs.

The contingency order included ensuring the dog being muzzled and kept on a lead in public places.

Sentencing Mr Lyons, magistrate Ms Botham said: “Believe me the bite did cause damage, the tooth went right through that part of the hand, it is only one bite, but your dog has done what dogs do and that is hung on.

“He was a scaffolder, and it could have been a child and you would be absolutely horrified.”

The dad-of-two has defended his dog, and believes that despite the attack he is friendly.

Speaking after the court hearing, Mr Lyons, said: “He is playful and very friendly towards people. Alfie is my pride and joy, he has never done anything like this before.

“I know for a fact that my dog would not hurt someone again.”