A NEW arrival at a Hampshire wildlife park finally has a name.

Marwell Wildlife’s Amur leopard cub has been named Kanika after a competition.

Three names went to the public vote - Kanika, Rayna and Odessa – with the former securing more than half the 1,767 votes cast with 1,053.

Kanika is 13 weeks old and left her den for the first time last week to explore her new home further while delighting adoring crowds.

Marc Fox, team leader of carnivores said: “We are very pleased with the name Kanika, I am especially pleased as it was my suggestion.

“The name Kanika is literally an amalgamation of the parents’ names, so it is nice to make a unique and personal name for this little one.

“I still feel very honoured to name such a precious, rare and beautiful animal and having that task as an animal keeper is a privilege that never gets old.”

The Amur leopard is at serious risk of extinction and Kanika’s birth came about as part of the European Endangered species breeding programme (EEP).