IT is the supersize eating challenge that has made grown men cry.

Hundreds of people have travelled across the country to take on a Southampton diner's humungous burger - but all had failed.

But now Buzz's Diner in Southampton High Street will be framing its first winner on its wall - and to everyone's surprise it was a five foot four woman with a size six waist.

Daily Echo:

Staff were shocked when Emma Dalton, finished the beastly burger called Buzz's Big One in just 37 minutes.

Emma who works in telesales saw the challenge on Facebook and contacted the diner, then arranged to travel down to Southampton from Bromsgrove to take it on.

This was nothing new for Buzz's Diner boss Mark Thurston-Jones who said that nearly than 250 people had taken the challenge on from all corners of the country.

Mark Thurston-Jones explained that most people usually give up after 25 minutes and staff at the diner started to think no-one would ever beat it.

He said: “I have seen some people cry because they thought they would be able to do it and fail.

“I have seen people on the point of vomiting because they have eaten too much and we have had people that are 25 plus stone trying it and failing abysmally.”

“I was gobsmacked when Emma managed to do it, I thought it would have been a big burly guy would complete the challenge, but a size six woman took us by surprise.”

Emma also had space for a pudding afterwards and immediately after the burger set her eyes on a chocolate brownie.

The 25-year-old, who now has been nicknamed Emma 'pocket rocket' Dalton, won two £50 vouchers for being the first person to beat Buzz's Big One.

Daily Echo: Emma finishing off the challenge

She said: “I have done a few eating challenges before but this was the biggest one I had done.

“I did think there was no way that I would not do it in 40 minutes. When I saw the burger I immediately thought it is not as bad as I thought, then I cut it in half and saw the thickness of the meat and thought oh my god.

“My tactics were to get through it as quickly as I could while also pacing myself as well so I wouldn't hit a wall.

“I felt absolutely fine after I finished it, in previous eating challenges I felt really sick but this time there were no problems whatsoever.”

She has been doing eating challenges for the past eight weeks since being inspired after doing one in America, she added: “I have always been a pig I am called the human hoover at home and I am always finishing my boyfriends food.”