POLICE in Spain have tonight found little Ashya King as his parents break their silence in an emotional video posted on the internet.

The youngster was found with his parents Brett and Naghmeh and he is understood to be receiving medical attention with police awaiting news of his condition.

Hampshire police confirmed the news this evening. He was discovered around 9.30pm.

Tonight an extraordinary video from Ashya's dad Brett King has been posted on YouTube.

Talking to the camera on a bed, with Ashya lying between his legs, Brett explains why he and Naghmeh decided to take him out of hospital and how they both felt on learning about the international search for them.

In the video Brett said: "We were most disturbed today to find his face was all over the internet and newspapers and we’ve been labelled kidnappers, putting his life at risk, neglect. 

"There’s been a lot of talk about this machine. As you can see it’s all plugged in, we’ve got loads of these feeds here, we’ve got iron supplements and we have Calpol. 

"As you can see there is nothing wrong with him, he’s very happy actually since we took him out of hospital, he’s been smiling a lot more.

"I want to say why we took him out of hospital. The surgeon did a wonderful job on his head. 

"But straight away afterwards he went into what is called a posterior fossa syndrome which means very limited moving or talking or doing anything so we had him in the hospital, he was very weak, not much progress, each day he would maybe move a little bit more." 

Two weeks after his surgery Brett said he and his wife were called into see oncologists.

Brett said the family asked the doctors if their son could have proton beam treatment but it was unavailable on the NHS. 

And he said they pleaded with doctors to receive treatement in America or Switzerland.

Brett said: "We pleaded with them for proton beam treatment. 

"They looked at me straight in the face and they said with his cancer which is a medulla blastoma it would have no benefit whatsoever. 

"I went straight back to my room and looked it up and the American sites, French sites and Switzerland sites who have proton beam said the opposite, that it would be beneficial for him. 

"So I spoke to them again, I wrote them a letter, which he never responded to saying I will sell my property in order to pay for the proton beam that I had no problem at all in paying for the proton beam.

"I contacted the Prague proton beam centre and they sent me an email which I passed onto Dr Gary Nicolin but he did nothing with it. 

"Then he came up with this other protocol saying we are going to give him a little bit of chemo, radiation then chemo again. 

"When I asked him why the chemotherapy was needed, I couldn’t really get to what he was going to say, and then straight away afterwards he said more or less if I question him in anyway regarding his treatment they will get an emergency protection order and take him away from me. 

"After that I realised I can’t speak to the oncologists at all because if I ask anything, and give them any doubt I wasn’t in full accord with them, they were just going to get a protection order which meant in his deepest, darkest hour, I wouldn’t be there to look after him, neither would my wife. 

"They would prevent us from entering the ward.

"So under that such a cruel system, I decided to start looking at the proton beam myself but they needed the MRI and Xray results from Dr Nicolin who just ignored them.

"To this date he has still done nothing about that so we have decided to try to sort it out ourselves but now we are refugees almost. We can’t do anything.

"The police now are after us. The things we wanted to do to raise the money to pay for the proton beam, they have prevented it now so my son who is being treated and he’s doing fine, and we’re very happy with his progress.

"We are not neglecting him. He has everything he had in hospital. He's not on any medication at the hospital.

"The only thing they made sure is that he had feed, Calpol, we’ve got their syringes, 60ml, 10ml and 20ml syringes so we can feed him as well as they can do, we give him water, we give him 600ml of water which he was on in hospital, so we do everything the nurses do.

"There is no way we are neglecting him, he’s moving his head, he’s moving his legs, he’s responding so much better than when he did in the hospital just looking up at the ceiling all the time.

"We couldn’t take it anymore not knowing and not being able to question anything in fear they say ‘sorry Mr and Mrs King, emergency protection order, you are no longer allowed in the ward.’

"Under that stress, our son who has got a grade four brain tumour, we couldn’t discuss or question them at all in fear our son would be in that ward all day long by himself without his parents being able to come in.

"We couldn't be under that system anymore. I’ve had to try to do it myself. I was going to try to get the money to pay for the proton beam therapy but they prevented that now because the police in Spain are involved and I can’t do what I wanted to do.

"So I just please ask, call it off, this ridiculous chase. We are not neglecting our son, he’s in perfectly good health. Speak to the nurses, have they seen him move as much as this?

"My son is smiling, he’s happy, we’re doing things as a family with him, we just want to be left in peace. He’s very sick, I just want to get on with his treatment.

"I’m not coming back to England if I cannot give him the treatment I want, which is proper treatment not a little bit of chemotherapy or Milan protocol, which was working apparently and now isn’t working, other children got sick and died.

"I don’t need that.

"I just want positive results for my son and I realise that hospital with Dr Gary Nicolin and Dr Ramya didn’t haven’t my interests or my son’s interests at all.

"You will find in hospital, you are just being processed, next one, child with cancer, okay this one’s got to go onto chemotherapy so that one is shuffled down the line.

"It doesn’t matter how weak he was they were still going to put a face mask on his face lie him down and keep belting him with radiation.

"It destroyed the whole of his head here, the brain can only take 23.6, they were going to zap it here at 54 it would kill everything.

"They didn’t tell me the long term effects which I have come to find out through the internet. They didn’t tell us.

"They said vomitting perhaps, nausea, well, these are the short term side effects but the long term side effects are secondary malignant cancers so the radiation will cause more cancers, he will be growth stumped, mentally he will be stumped, he won’t be able to process information, he won’t be able to tell me what five and five is, hearing loss, taste loss, eyesight problems, everything.

"You can’t radiate a child with 56 radiation, not a five year old boy.

"There’s other things out there but they are stopping me now from getting the money to do it so I ask just call off the search, let me sort out my money, let me go to Czechoslovakia let me pay for the treatment and let me sort it all out.

"That’s it. In a few days I can show you more that my son has still got the feed, we’re feeding him yoghurt orally, everything is going well for us.

"We don’t want the stress of being chased around. There are police outside our house in Spain. We don’t know what’s going on.

"We just want the best medical treatment so I just say please, please, please, you can see my son is not neglected, he’s doing very well. He doesn’t need the hospital.

"All I need is the money and I will get it all sorted out for him, thank you very much."