LYMINGTON is a town famous for its sailing links.

But yesterday the humble bath tub took centre stage as part of an annual charity event.

The Lymington Town Sailing Club Bath Race drew a crowd of about 200 people to the town’s famous sea water baths.

The event, which was held to raise funds for the RNLI, also saw a record 14 teams entering.

And there was a wide variety of different customised baths taking part in the race, from pirate-themed ones to tubs that were customised to make them more streamlined.

This year’s race was won by The Twigs, a team from Lymington, who received the prestigious Golden Bath award.

Alex Barnes, one of the event’s organisers said: “It was really well attended – it was certainly the best attended I’ve ever seen it.”

As well as the race, there were a number of other accolades handed out, including the best sinking gong, the best bath prize and the most disorganised bath award – which went to a team who turned up without a paddle.