A STEP-by-step guide to changing loo roll made by a Southampton dad has gone viral.

Exasperated by his teenage children's lack of 'know how', Will Reid has resorted to using social media to teach them how to restock an empty loo roll holder with a fresh roll.

The video titled “Teenage Instructional Video - How to change a toilet roll” on YouTube has already had more than one million hits in less than a week.

It is what Will says is the first in a series of 'instructional videos' aimed at his children Beth and James.

In it the frustrated dad begins by saying: “This is a video for my kids, the first in a series of instructional video, telling them face to face isn't working so I've taken to social media to try and reach them.”

He then swiftly shows how the loo roll is changed, before adding sarcastically “The advanced level would be to put the empty toilet roll holder in the bin.

“But I feel that might be a step too far at the moment.”