IT was a sight many thought they’d never see again.

This time last year 34-year-old Alex Lewis was struck down by a rare illness that left him fighting for his life before cruelly robbing him of all four limbs.

But last night, for the first time, the brave dad triumphantly took his first steps unaided into The Greyhound On The Test pub in Stockbridge, which is run by his fiancé Lucy Townsend.

Alex told the Daily Echo: “I have not stood up in the Greyhound for over a year now, so it was a lovely feeling to walk in and stand here in my partner’s business.

“I am grateful to be here.”

Inspirational Alex was guest of honour at a fundraising cheese and wine night at the pub.

The event saw the village’s Southern Co-operative branch launching a campaign to raise £15,000 for the Alex Lewis Trust.

Daily Echo:

It aims to help fundraise for his rehabilitation as well as for the hospital where he was treated after developing Strep A toxic shock syndrome.

Among those attending last night’s fundraising event was legendary TV sports presenter Dickie Davies, who is a friend of Alex.

He said: “I have never met someone with such commitment. He has never had one ounce of self-pity in this.

“He’s just a remarkable man and it’s very inspiring to be in his presence.

“It’s a year since it all started and in that time he has never ever let anything get the better of him.

“He is determined to have a normal life and refuses to accept he is disabled.”

As previously reported Alex is starting on shorter prosthetic limbs to master the art of being upright by himself once again.

He will then use longer legs.

“It is quite nerve-wracking, there is always the possibility that I will fall over – that’s something quite constant in my life at the moment,” Alex joked.

His next goal is to walk Lucy down the aisle after he surprised family and friends by unexpectedly proposing.

He said: “It’s physically very exerting.

“But it’s something I will get used to in the future.

“If you are fit and willing you will crack it. Attitude is key to all of this. Determination and attitude.”

Alex also took the opportunity to say thanks for the support he has received from the public, who have rallied to his aid with a host of fundraising events.

He said: “One year ago my family and I faced a very bleak outlook and with their help they have made it a much brighter proposition.

“My future looks a lot better, healthier and I hope to achieve much more.”

The Southern Co-operative is encouraging shoppers at their Stockbridge store to help raise cash, by pledging that a penny in every pound spent at the branch will be donated to the charity.

For more information about the Alex Lewis Trust log on to