Is this the worst attempt at parking ever?

This photo appears to show a mustard yellow Kia Picanto parked across at least two bays with one side wedged up against a red Volkswagen.

The motoring faux pas happened in a Hampshire car park, near JJB Sports, in Fareham.

Daily Echo:

The photo was posted on Spotted Portsmouth Facebook page earlier today in an attempt to highlight the incident.

The comment accompanying the post said: “Please share and try and get the owner of the yellow car found.

“One thing to damage someone's car like that but to leave it so the owner cannot get in their car is disgusting. 

“I have just tried to console the poor owner of the red car who did not know what to do or know the area very well. Fareham car park.”

Cath Marsden wrote: “I can’t believe someone would have parked like that, it is quite possible I suppose that the driver forgot to put his handbrake on and the car has rolled back.”

Tracy J Gordon added: “How odd do you think they just backed into the space and got out the drivers side and didn’t notice?”

Claire Kershaw posted: “I don‘t know anyone else but I still believe in the good old honest accident, not everyone do things just to upset others!”

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