A DRIVER has been caught on camera driving the wrong way down one of the busiest roads in Southampton.

The footage was recorded on a dashcam from a car travelling west on  Millbrook Road West.

She was approaching the Millbrook Roundabout when suddenly a silver van came towards her.

She was forced to stop after spotting the van travelling the wrong way.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Whilst travelling west on the Millbrook Road towards Millbrook roundabout when I had to stop at the traffic lights.

"When the lights changed I proceeded on my journey around the roundabout only to come face to face with a van coming towards me.

Daily Echo:

“My first thought was ‘where the hell did he come from?’ The driver of the lorry gave a blast of his horn. I stopped to let him out and then he took off from the lights.”

The footage was recorded on Tuesday, February 16, at 10.20am, and was sent to dash camera company RoadHawk.

The increasingly popularity of dashcams have seen a number of incidents recorded on Southampton's roads, from brawls in the street to suspected road rage.

In that incident, a motorcyclist was knocked off his bike and suffered multiple injuries.

Police appealed for witnesses to help them track down the driver responsible, who has yet to be arrested and a spokesperson confirmed today that nothing more had happened since the incident in early January.