HUNDREDS of people watched a moving interpretation of the Christian story of Easter which was retold in Southampton City centre yesterday.

A stage had been specially erected in Guildhall Square for the production The Passion Retold which involved actors from churches from all over Southampton.

The original play and musical drew in crowds of around 500 people to the Guildhall Square for the production.

Neil Maddock is the minister of Riverside Family Church and also wrote, directed and plays a part in the production, which had its dress rehearsals earlier this week.

The 41-year-old from Shirley, said: “We think it is a good time to celebrate at this time of year and to let people know what we believe are the true messages of Easter.”

A number of people from various churches across Southampton took part in the production which was staged by MBE Events.and included a live band.

The performance has been in production for the past year.

The players have been rehearsing since January.

Mr Maddock added: “The performance was the culmination of a lot of hard work.”